Spirit and Contribution to the game honour rolls

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Spirit and Contribution to the game honour rolls

Post by bruce » Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:18 pm

Spirit and Contribution are Roll of Honour lists and cannot be won twice

This is the permanent list of winners to be updated annually

Contribution to the Game
2015: Seamus Scanlon
2014: Matt Cutler
2013: Sophie Southgate & Chris Rowlands
2012: Neil Webber
2011: Rich Wood
2010: Charlie Mead
2009: Chris O'Brien
2008: Sue Underwood & Ivan Bromage
2007: Jester Wilson
2006: Del Robins
2005: Jonny Potts
2004: Bud Tilton

Spirit of the Game
2015: James Luton
2014: Neal Clifton
2013: Paul Stoddart
2012: Tom Lowes
2011: Dan Ryan & Gary O'Malley
2010: Rich Hatton
2009: Rick Rick Murphy
2008: Chris O'Brien
2007: Ben Bruce
2006: Fernando Brown
2005: Nige Williams
2004: Angus Bruce
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