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Re: Club affiliation and insurance

Post by burt » Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:30 pm

bruce wrote:
burt wrote:Who are you getting your quotes from? at SDG we used
Mark Conway
Sports Business Development Executive
General & Medical
Tel: 01733 233200
Fax: 01733 362888

And got very competetive quote for £5M Indemnity £68, apparently they have just taken on some ultimate clubs so are familiar disc sports
I would recommend this option to any DG clubs out there looking for insurance. Mark was very helpful and we now get our BDGA cover through him for £50 cheaper than last year.

By contrast the previous lot only just got back to me (nearly 5 weeks after expiry) and were quoting a whopping £925 more than last year, and that was without club affiliation which would have been £60 per club extra!

I think it's still worthwhile having an affiliated club scheme to legitimise clubs in the eyes of councils etc, I just need to have a think about what we can offer you in terms of benefits and for what cost. The answer may be 'zero for zero' and have it as a purely paper exercise. Ideas on a postcard welcome...

Any news on the affiliated scheme? our insurance is up for renewal this month?

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