Results Handicap League 22/10/16

Disc Golf in the county of Essex
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Results Handicap League 22/10/16

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Colchester, UK- A wonderful day that grew cold as the throws wore on was enjoyed by seven of Essex's finest. As per usual all seven played together in stead of breaking up into two groups to help speed the round. Sunny skies became cloudy but the winds were never a factor in anybody game. Number 5 Tee was cleared but with the collective fancying the Tee used in the Essex Open we changed it to there(plus there were three people sitting on the bench on a campus crowded with at least 200+ families visiting for future school choices). The Seven were very, very cautious in their play and no chances were taken to accidentally hit any spectators among the hundreds visiting the campus.

So let's go to the results!!!

Place) Name…Handicap Score (Real-Handicap) (Birdies) Prize

1) Dan Waxman…….…56 (66-10) (0) Discraft Big Z Mini Buzzz
2) Paul McCullough..58 (62-4) (2)
3t) Paul Cooper.......60 (63-3) (1)
3t) Steve Cardwell...60 (70-10) (0)
5) Ross Poole……..….56 (61-0) (*3*)
6) Tom Potter.........62 (72-10) (0)
7) Steve Kornmuller..67 (71-4) (0)

I remember Dan Waxman saying he was only +2 after a well earned Par on the long Hole 8(even though there wasn't a head wind) and to all of us it seemed every nettle under a tree and around the entire field were mowed down, it made for very pleasant play and seemed to make the course all that more inviting.
Waxman was spot on with his SSS Wizard not only putting but also with his upshots which made me think I was watching SmashBoxx TV and the Pros just laying up to within a couple of feet no matter where their drive took them. Waxman capitalized on a brilliant short game and stayed very focused. Grats Dan!!!
It was great to catch up with everybody and we'll see you all at Discraft's Ace Race in two weeks!!!

New Handicaps:

Poole -1 -------------------------------------------------
Theis -1 --------------------
Cooper -2
McCullough -3 -------------
Declan Barsby -3 ----------
Tomacz Nowak -4 --------
Kornmuller -4

Eagle -7 ---------------------
Phillips -8
Waxman -9 -----------------------------------------------
Tom Potter -11 ------------------------------------------
Lau -11 ------------------------------------
Marek Nowak -12-----------
Grant Barsby -12 -----------
Shawn Cavender -12
Ben Cheyne -13 --------------------------

Harry Wilsdon -20 -------------------------

Ace Pools:

£50, £50, £50 & £31

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