ROADTRIP!!! Results Handicap League 24/09/16

Disc Golf in the county of Essex
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ROADTRIP!!! Results Handicap League 24/09/16

Post by Mr.Scary » Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:01 pm

Burnham on Crouch, Essex- The forecast was for mostly cloudy and windy and thankfully the clouds stayed away, just high thin clouds with contrails criss crossing back and forth to the South, just lovely. Three players from Colchester, one from Cambridge and one from Norfolk made the journey down to Parlour Cafe's gorgeous 18 hole disc golf course. It's set on their land with plenty of holes played on a 25 metre strip with OB on both sides. It's not the USDGC but i'll be damned if it wasn't as challenging!!! Great fun to be had especially with the winds blowing, even whistling through trees and farm equipment as we played under the sun veiled by high thin clouds.

Harry and Emily Wilsdon joined us but Em had to leave to take the children to a Birthday Party. :(
The Wilsdens have had to move a few holes so the Essex Club members were looking at the tweaks they had added and we liked them a lot. Paul Stoddart who seems to be the only Essex Player to Ace or hit metal skipped off the top of Hole 7 with his Discraft Heat!!!

Weather: High Thin Clouds, 20, Winds 20mph constant with gusts to 25-30

Par is 56

Essex Handicaps Apply

Place) Name…Handicap Score (Real-Handicap) (Birdies) Prize

1) Harry Wilsdon……...61 (85-24) (0) Discraft Thrasher
2) Paul Stoddart……...62 (65-3) (1)
3t) Steve Kornmuller..63 (67-4) (1)
3t) Scott Rickard……..63 (72-9) (0)
5) Ben Cheyne…………68 (80-12) (0)
6) John Lau…………….72 (82-10) (0)

So our host Harry throwing a 3 Line Avery *D forehand was steady enough to win the day!!!
Harry got a disc for his very own, the new Discraft Thrasher which Rickard also threw a few times and very nicely on the hole that borders the field that somebody took a 13 on in the SeaCreek Open.
Job done Harry!!!
An added note here as I was impressed with Scott Rickard's putting, kid was stpping up 7, 8, 9 metres out and just smashing chains with out any doubt… IN THOSE 20MPH WINDS!!!
When I asked Scott if he had been practicing that he hadn't played much the past month and was just looking forward to play the course again. Job DONE!!! Well done Lad. :D

After the round Stoddy, Scott and I had a nice lunch in the yummy Cafe where I should have ordered a burger and chips as I was ever so jealous when those keep being walked by to people out in the lovely courtyard.
After I had a proper rest we came back out to the 6-some who had just finished playing the Short 9 hole course and as we chatted I gave them each an Essex Club disc to add to their arsenal of Fred Risbee Wizards from Catch The

Then we took on the excellent course again!!!
Cue Stoddart, Kornmuller and Rickard walking back out to Tee 1 ready for another 2+ hours of fun in the sunshine and winds…


Guys, seriously, I haven't had that much fun in quite some time. Thanks to everybody and my two mates who played all day with me.

Thanks Harry and Emily, wonderful place and fantastic golf course.

Stay tuned for the next Essex Handicap.

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New Handicaps:
Theis -1 --------------------
Cooper -2
McCullough -2 -------------
Declan Barsby -3 ----------
Tomacz Nowak -4 --------
Kornmuller -4

Eagle -7 ---------------------
Phillips -8
Lau -11 ------------------------------------
Marek Nowak -12-----------
Grant Barsby -12 -----------
Shawn Cavender -12
Ben Cheyne -13 --------------------------

Harry Wilsdon -20 -------------------------

Ace Pools:

£50, £50, £50 & £24

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