Results Handicap League 18/06/16

Disc Golf in the county of Essex
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Results Handicap League 18/06/16

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University of Essex/Colchester - Overcast with rain threatening 12 golfers showed up to play the Essex Handicap and a chance at two of the only two Black 2015 Essex Open's Wizards with Steve Cardwell's righteous stamp art. Only one player brought an umbrella to the round and thankfully he never needed it. Still the constant 10mph were always on the mind and once again nobody blew away the compition with a -5 Handicapped score or the like.
A Rookie joined us in Shawn Cavender and based on what he told us he became a -10. Shawn's Handicap has been adjusted after his (+14) to -12.
Jon Lau joined us in a casual round which is more than welcomed for any one who wants to drop by. Jon had to take it easy as he's battling a back problem so he left us after Hole 10. See you next time Jon!

Let's go to the Score Board!!!

Weather: Cloudy, 17, windy 10mph with sporadic calm spells.

Place) Name…Handicap Score (Real-Handicap) (Birdies) Prize {Bag Tag Number}

1) Paul McCullough..59 (61-4) (2) Discraft FLX Buzzz-----------{1}
2) Paul Cooper………60 (63-3) (2) Gateway Assassin-------------{2}
3t) Chris Malatesta...61 (61-0) (3)--------------------------------{5}
3t) Jordan Thies………61 (63-2) (2)
5) Kevin Pearce………62 (72-9) (1)---------------------------------{10}
6t) Paul Stoddart…….63 (66-3) (1)--------------------------------{13}
6t) Scott Rickard……63 (73-10) (1)--------------------------------{14}
8) Shawn Cavender..64 (74-10) (0)
9) Dan Waxman……..66 (75-9) (0)--------------------------------{21}
10t) Ross Poole……..….67 (67-0) (0) --------- - ----- -----------{25}
10t) Steve Kornmuller..67 (71-4) (1)--- -- --- - -- -- ---- --- - -{30}

Well Paul "McClutching" McCullough found his groove and raised the Cup!!!
Or in this case a sexy pink Discraft FLX Buzzz…
Used to be that in order to win this event you had to be 3, 4 or 5 under Par with your handicap but lately Par seems to be bringing home plastic… hmmm… maybe these Handicaps are working and making things too fair. Sort of like "Restrictor Plate Racing" back over the pond.
So we take a break for a bit before the Big 2 Round warm up Two Weeks before the 2016 Essex Open August 13-14.
Info below at the FB page.
As always please ask questions here or on the Facebook page below.

This year the Essex Open Fundraisers include Discraft's newest go to driver, the Undertaker!!!
The Undertaker is so popular it already has a nickname… "The Fairway Finder." :D

Saturday 30 July 1030am(2 Rounds prep for 2016 Essex Open):

Meet up page:

New Handicaps:
Theis -2
Cooper -2-------------------
McCullough -3--------------
Kornmuller -4

Eagle -6
Phillips -8
Lau -11
Shawn Cavender -12--------

Ace Pools:

£50, £50, £50 & £10

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