Results Handicap League 14/05/16

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Results Handicap League 14/05/16

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University of Essex(Colchester)- Eleven disc golfers formed up at Tee 1 at The University of Essex coming from as far as Croydon and West Norfolk and on this cloudy windy day while Europe's finest were up North at the Battle at Blue Bell Woods vying for the 2016 British Open Trophy. Who will win it today then up at Reboot Disc Golf?
With a steady stream of golfers showing up the 11 players were grouped accordingly and sent off into the winds.
With ever growing excitement for the Croydon Cyclone happening the very next week everybody, even those not lucky enough to nab one the 90 covered spots at Lloyd Park wanted make a good showing in front of their friends.
The winds were constant but Predators and Firebirds weren't seen being pulled that often and the author here never even though about his Predator or Gateway Spirit, strangely these winds once again provided a tail wind on hole 14 "Over the Road" where many had fun playing with this natural distance additive. :D
In the end another American Jordan their finally dialled in his game to where it should be going and hopefully with work continue to improve. Defending Essex Handicap World Champion Steve Kornmuller was absent from any chance of placing after a very poor start. Paul McCullough got back to his winning ways however and his efforts garnered him 2nd place and a disc.
Jordan Thies shot a very, very nice raw score of -1 (59) to get his first Essex Victory.
It was great to see many 'old school' players like Dave Allaker, Clive Phillips and Dan Eagle. A scheduling issue has been remedied and more old school players will be attending the next two Essex Handicaps on Saturdays, 18 June and 30 July(2 rounds Special starting at 1030am).

Weather: Cloudy to mostly cloudy, 12, windy 10-15mph with some calm spells.

Place) Name…Handicap Score (Real-Handicap) (Birdies) Prize {Bag Tag Number}

1) Jordan Thies………56 (59-3) (2) Won- 2015 PC G* vROC3
2) Paul McCullough..57 (61-4) (1) Won- 2015 Essex Open Gateway SS Wizard
3) Paul Stoddart…….58 (61-3) (1)
4) Dan Eagle………….59 (65-6) (1)
5t) Steve Cardwell…..60 (70-10) (1)
5t) Neal Clifton……..60 (65-5) (2)
7t) Jon Lau………….…..63 (74-11) (0)
7t) Ross Poole…….…….63 (63-0) (2)
9) Dave Allaker…....….66 (72-6) (0)
10t) Clive Phillips……..68 (75-7) (0)
10t) Steve Kornmuller..68 (72-4) (0)

New Handicaps:
Theis -2
Kornmuller -4

Eagle -6
Phillips -8
Lau -11

---> 2016 British Open Information <--- ... woods.html

Croydon Cyclone Info:

Essex Handicap FB Pages:

Saturday June 230pm:

Saturday 30 July 1030am(2 Rounds prep for 2016 Essex Open):

Meet up page:

Ace Pools:

£50, £50 & £49

Next week at the Cyclone there will be 90 Players!!!
So if you are playing be prepared for sloooow play, Croydon disc golf club has done what used to be unthinkable and WILL Have 5 Players on every hole.
So no complaining, just soak it in, new friends, old friends, new challenges… and…
..hey, besides the BBQ Saturday night are we playing DDC again???


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