Results Handicap League 30/04/16

Disc Golf in the county of Essex
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Results Handicap League 30/04/16

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AP- (Colchester) On a glorious day when most of the BDGA contingency was enjoying the wonderful views at Mount Edgecombe for the James T. Kirk Open(The "T" stands for Tiberus by the way, thats only ST trivia I know). At Essex though we were breaking records! As we all knew there would be a small turnout I started asking if players minded playing as one group and everyone agreed…. until the 8th player Jon Lau showed up at 245pm for a 230 start. Lau who was in the middle of moving house was content with playing until 5pm and so with a record breaking 8-some the six Essex lads and two blokes from RAF Lakenheath were off to enjoy a slow day of catching up with friends and some really nice weather to boot!
The round was gonna be a long one and I tried to keep up the pace so we didn't take too long. After 9 holes checking the scores it seemed that no one was pulling away. Jordan Theis(-3 Handicap) was at even par to lead the scores. Ross Poole(Even) had missed a few birdie putts and was sitting at +2 while Dan Eagle(-5) was just behind Poole at +3. The surprise was Jon Lau's(-10) raw score of +4 which lead all golfers after factoring in handicaps. Well how could Jon think about leaving now?
The back 9 began with Kornmuller birdieing Hole 10 and from there it seemed no one would take 'control'. Everyone missed Birdie attempts including Kornmuller and Poole among others. Jon Lau who had been playing fantastic golf finally started to fade those last 5 holes double bogeying hole 14 and 18. Steve Cardwell did mount a comeback throwing a raw score of +2 on the back 9 and that put him in the thick of it.
After starting out +6 after the first 8 holes Steve Kornmuller started experimenting with his Legacy Icon and Pinnacle Outlaws starting on hole 11 and three throws resulted in three birdie putts but only making one on hole 15. Those were sandwiched around a pinned Gateway Samuari on hole 16. Walking up to hole 18 there were three golfers separated by 1 throw WITH Handicap added in.
Cardwell led by 1 throw over Thies and Kornmuller.
Cardwell, a lefty, had to attempt to go 'up the gut' so to speak and hit a tree short about 25 metres out. Thies' power hyzer even against the left to right wind up top of the trees got pushed 'back' away from the hole and he was left with a 60 footer for birdie. Kornmuller breaking out a Legacy broken in Icon Outlaw instead of the Evo Slayer he used to win a sudden death Playoff to make the Finals at the Essex Open a few years ago almost carried the final tree even with that L to R wind and was 22 feet short.
Cardwell's approach hit branches early and he had to settle for bogey. Theis just missed from his 60 footer so that left the crafty veteran Kornmuller to line up his birdie putt for the outright win. However Kornmuller's putt hit the the bottom of the tray and a 3-way Playoff ensued at Hole 1. Essex Rules stipulate that no more Handicaps are used in a Playoff so Cardwell(-10) and Kornmuller(-5) had to beat Thies(-3) straight up if they wanted to claim victory.
Kornmuller threw first and hit the tree to the left leaving himself a very makable 18 footer. Theis did the same and had 20 feet from about the same spot. Cardwell flipped his lefty back hand and proceeded to bogey.
Theis' birdie putt hit chains on the left and glanced off to under the branches now behind the basket.

Jordan Theis was still in it as well though because Kornmuller's birdie attempt was again just below the tray.

Then in a deja vu moment ala Paige Pierce putting for a short birdie on hole 18 at this year's Discraft Memorial, Theis' missed from 8 feet coming back!!!
Kornmuller then stepped up and made his 6 footer for the victory.

Weather: Mostly sunny, 12 feels like 15, calm for first 12 holes then it began to kick up along normal trade wind routes.

Place) Name…Handicap Score (Real-Handicap) (Birdies) Prize {Bag Tag Number}

Steve Kornmuller..60 (65-5) (3) Won Playoff - { 3 } Gateway SSS Magic Putter
Jordan Thies…...…60 (63-3) (2) Lost Playoff - { 4, 3 }
Steve Cardwell…..60 (70-10) (0) Lost Playoff - {4, 4 }
Dan Eagle………....61 (66-5) (3) -------> £££
Jon Lau……………..62 (72-10) (0)
Ross Poole………….65 (65-0) (1)
Paul McCullough..65 (68-3) (0)
Dave Allaker….….67 (73-6) (0)

New Handicaps:
Kornmuller -4

Eagle -6
Lau -11

Next handicap is Saturday 14 May and might be (2) Rounds to prepare for the next week's Croydon Cyclone where they have set a record and have 90 players coming, some from as far as Iceland!!!

INFO for Croydon Cyclone:

We usually tee off at 230pm but stay tuned for any changes at the Essex Handicap FB Page.

Ace Pools are mounting…

£50, £50, £50 & £38

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