Results Handicap League 19/03/16

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Results Handicap League 19/03/16

Post by Mr.Scary » Sun Mar 20, 2016 10:39 pm

AP (Colchester)- Well it could have been a worse day weather wise but I'll take it being 8 with a 10mph breeze constant all day over rain and even worse wind. A nice turnout of 13 Players came to the University of Essex to stretch their arms out including new to the UK Jordan Thies and Ben Chaney with a sophomoric effort at the event.
With at least three of these participants just using this as a warmup for Sundays MODs Series event at the Cold Ashford BALL Golf Course it would be interesting to see how the handicaps played out so let's go to the scores shall we?

Weather: Cloudy, 8, winds 10mph, with rare gusts to 15-20.

Place) Name…Handicap Score (Real-Handicap) (Birdies) Prize {Bag Tag Number}

Scott Rickard…..55 (69-14) (0) WON Playoff on Hole 1 (2) Legacy Rival(Teebird)
Tim Herring.……55 (66-11) (0) Lost Playoff (3) 2015 EO Glow Wizard
Ben Cheyne……..55 (67-12) (0) Had to leave ?
Steve Cardwell..56 (66-10) (1)
Jordan Thies……59 (62-3) (5**) ----> $$$
Paul Stoddart……57 (60-3) (3)
Dan Eagle………..60 (65-5) (3)
Jon Lau…………….62 (72-10) (0)
Ross Poole…………63 (63-0) (4*) ----> £££
Paul Cooper……..63 (66-3) (1)
Dave Allaker….….63 (69-6) (1)
Clive Phillips………63 (70-63) (1)
Steve Kornmuller..65 (70-5) (0)

So a two way Playoff with the grizzled veteran Tim Herring taking on relative newbie Scott Rickard… and Rickard steps up to the tee and absolutely PINS his drive in front of a roaring crowd. Herring could only muster a 30 footer from under the trees to left and missed giving Rickart his first victory. Well done!!!
All Essex Playoffs are holes 1 and 2 repeated until a winner is had, that way everybody can watch from tee 1 and the parking lot. Tons of good fun to be had.
Newcomer Jordan Thies took a little while to warm up after going +6 after 7 holes BUT he birdied the next four holes in a row!!! Well done lad! Thies finished at +2 raw score and you'll see him on the BDGA Tour this year, MODS(sponsored by Discgolfcoursesuk & Prodiscus) and I'm sure the SEDGS too(sponsored by Prodigy and Reboot DG).

Thanks to everyone who came out and welcome to the BDGA Tour Season!!!!

Hope to see you all at the next Handicap in April or early May.

Ace Pools are A LOT!!!! £150+
£50, 50, 50 & 30

Stoddy is looking into a new item for the Club with these funds.
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