Results Handicap League 19/12/15

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Results Handicap League 19/12/15

Post by Mr.Scary » Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:58 pm

Colchester-(AP) A lovely Autumn afternoon or you could say a crappy Summer afternoon greeted a record breaking 16 disc golfers coming from as far away as Surrey and Norfolk. Yes golfers' layers were falling off faster than politician's poll approval ratings right before elections until we got to hole 14 "Over The Road" when the breezes became constant and chilly once more… that and it was almost dusk anyways by then.
So with the Lionheart Brigade from South invading the Blades' territory lets see who came play.

Weather: 14, mostly cloudy, winds 10-15mph with some gusts to 20

Place) Name…Handicap Score (Real-Handicap) (Birdies) Prize {Bag Tag Number}

1) Marek Nowak……….53 (77-24) (1) G* VROC3
2t) Neal Clifton……….54 (59-5) (5) Ledgestone Big Z FLX Buzzz -----{THROWBot 1}
2t) Grant Barsby……..54 (74-20) (0) Discraft Z Flash
4) Scott Rickard……..55 (70-15) (0) ------------ {2} Minnesota Vikings(Randy Moss)
5) Declan Barsby…….57 (67-10) (1)

6t) Paul Stoddart…..59 (62-3) (2) ------{5} St.Louis Rams(Marshall Faulk)
6t) Paul McCullough .59 (63-4) (3)------{7}
6t) Ollie Potter………..59 (69-10) (0)------{8}
6t) Tomasz Nowak…..59 (69-10) (0)
10t) Vince Cummings..60 (69-9) (1)
10t) Tom Potter……….60 (70-10) (1)------{9} Jacksonville Jaguars(Mark Brunnell)

12t) Chris Malatesta…62 (59+3) (5)-------{11}
12t) Steve Cardwell…62 (72-10) (1)-------{13} Chicago Bears(Brian Urlacher)
14t) Paul Cooper…..…63 (65-2) (2)----------{14} Green bay Packers(Antonio Freeman SB XXXII Jersey)
14t) Steve Kornmuller.63 (68-5) (1)--------{15}
16) Ross Poole……………68 (68-0) (0) ------{18} Cleveland Browns(Tim Couch)

So a sweep for the Players up from Croydon including thrilling 4 hole Playoff for 2nd tying the most holes played in a Playoff. Wow, £2 for 22 holes of golf!!! Well done Neal and Grant.

There's tons of One Day events going on next year so check them all out.

The M.O.D.S Midlands One Day Series sponsored by UKDiscGolf and Prodiscus.

The S.E.T South Eastern Tour sponsored by Prodigy/Reboot Disc Golf.

and of course the 2016 2 Day Events for the BDGA Tour.

If you are up North at any time next year check out

As they have events twice weekly I believe up by Edinburgh, Scotland.

Jamie Mceye--------{13}
Dan Waxman------{10}
Dave Allaker--------{15}
John Lau -------{21}

Ace Pools £50, 50, 50 & 17
Looking at the next wave of Bag Tags being made with 2015 Essex Open design.

Have a Happy Christmas UK!!!!

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