Results Handicap League 19/09/15

Disc Golf in the county of Essex
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Results Handicap League 19/09/15

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AP- (Colchester) On a beautiful day in mid September all of nature seemed to be in harmony with Disc Golfers down in Essex. Even the winds had calmed down and nine golfers came to the University of Essex for a dress rehearsal for the 21st Quarry Park Open that was happening in two weeks time.

Weather: 18, partly cloudy, winds calm

Place) Name…Handicap Score (Real-Handicap) (Birdies) Prize {Bag Tag Number}

1) Steve Kornmuller……57 (63-7) (1) Gateway Evo Samuari---{THRowBot 2}
2) Paul McCullough …..58 (62-4) (0)------{5}
3) Ross Poole…………...59 (59-0) (4) ------{7}
4) Scott Rickard…..... 60 (76-10) (0)-----{8}
5) Jamie Mceye….…..61 (62-1) (2)--------{13}
6) Dan Waxman……....62 (73-9) (1) ------{10}
7) Dave Allaker..………65 (71-6) (0) --------{15}
8) John Lau…………….66 (76-10) (0) -------{21}

Ben, Coopers buddy established his handicap at -22 by throwing an 82.

***Hole 4 was NOT played as a Wedding party without the actual Wedding party were all over the fairway so Essex's Disc Golf Diplomat Dave Allaker in the lead group correctly elected to skip the hole and the second group followed suit so all eight players carded 3's.***

Kornmuller channeling his new hero Paul McCullough who has seemingly recovered from a collarbone injury with flying colours to now be seen throwing *Firebirds on a Tomhawk at hole 9(the par 4 by the buildings) among other holes and getting it out there 250+ feet… …and accurately at that… this former baseball player is jealous… but I do digress… Kornmuller bogeyed three of the first four holes and was just trying to card a few pars in a row like McCullough who would do that previously while on bad starts and then would quietly catch up by just staying consistent with pars etc.
While Kornmuller struggled Ross "GPS" Poole got a hat trick in birdying holes 5, 6 & 7!!!
The second group after that knew that they weren't pushing each other and it showed, nobody was getting birdies except Waxman when he pinned Hole 10.
Poole grip locked on Hole 13 and clipped down the wrong corner of the building along with Waxman, both smartly elected to re-tee instead of throwing up and around the building but took double bogies. Kornmuller missed from 14 feet downhill for birdie.
Kornmuller grip locked lefty back hand on 15 but the second tree down on the left caught the disc and literally plopped the disc safely down well away from OB. Poole got no tree love on 17 or 18 after absolutely pinning hole 16 but his new Legacy Grinder Outlaw just wouldn't flip as I told him someone with his arm's strength would, it flipped for Kornmuller just a little bit on the football training pitch up in Norfolk so he truly expected Ross to get a nice hyzer flip out of it… thing is stable. It didn't even flip for Ross as a mulligan on Hole 14 aka "Over The Road" with no wind.
Kornmuller strung eight straight pars up starting from hole 9 as he was gaining on the others until finally being the only birdie on hole 18 unknowingly for the victory.
Trying to prepare for the tight and technical Quarry Park course in two weeks Kornmuller after a bad start dialled down his game by experimenting with three new discs, a Legacy Patriot instead of a Gateway Evo Apache and a Discraft Ti FLX Ledgestone Meteor instead of Gateway Evo Scouts for shorter midrange shots. It seemed to work and the Ti FLX Meteor saved par with "thread the needle" upshots through tight gaps on holes 11(from the artwork) and 12. A third disc a Z Stalker kept flipping over so the 169g FLX Surge will stay in the bag for Quarry Park Black Course holes 9, 10, 11 & 13. It has only yet to birdie Hole 13.

Thanks to all who came out and Stoddy and Cooper were sorely missed. Good Luck in South Africa Paul and don't let the Japanese sneak up on you…

Gambatte Japan!!!!


Ace Pools are £50, £50, £50 & £1

Quarry park sign up and info thread here:


See you all at Luton's Victory lap around his home course in Lemmington Spa!!!!
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