Results Handicap League 13/06/15

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Results Handicap League 13/06/15

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The morning was gray with the clouds completing their supremacy over the sun earlier that morning, and whilst driving towards Colchester it began to drizzle at Munford and then steady rain at Thetford. By the time I got to Bury St.Edmunds it was a heavy rain but living here for so long I knew the weather could change in 20 minutes. I hoped so, I was counting on it. By Ipswich the rains had let up, the wipers back on delay and finally turning them off when taking the exit for Colchester. The rain had stopped. Completely.
My practice round that morning was fabulous… except for the fact that I knew it would be very tough to emulate the same effort and results just a few hours later at the 1pm Tee Off for the Essex Handicap League. Still old friends to see and the promise of a car full of Croydon's Club organised by Neal Clifton(thx very much Neal!!!!).
Slowly but surely golfers started to gather as I finished a delicious lunch, first Mr.Waxman, then McCullough and so on, word came that out friends from Croydon were delayed so Paul Stoddart volunteered to stay behind and wait for them. No Disc Golfers would be left behind on this day.
Another new golfer came in Scott Rickard who claimed he just threw a 75 so he became an Essex -15… I could have sworn I kept hearing chains behind me on my morning round-lol.
This tied our record of 15 entrants which we've done previously three times since this event started back in April 2011.

Weather: 16, overcast skies, winds at 10-15mph.

Place) Name…Handicap Score (Real-Handicap) (Birdies) Prize {Bag Tag Number}

1) Steve Cardwell……55 (66-11) (1) EO 14' Comet ------{THRowBot 1}
2) Paul McCullough ..56 (60-4) (3) FLX Buzzz ------{4}
3T) Samuel Stevens…58 (63-5) (1) Gateway Wizard WON Playoff on Hole CTP Hole 5*** (2/3/2/3/W)
3T) Paul Stoddart..….58 (61-3) (2) Lost Playoff on CTP Hole 5*** (2/3/2/3/L) ---{5}
3T) Jamie Mceye….….58 (59-1) (2)
6T) Tom Lowes…..…60 (65-5) (1)
6T) Scott Rickard….. 60 (75-15) (0)
8) Neal Clifton………61 (66-5) (2) ------{8}
9) Sy Spencer…….....62 (68-6) (1)
10) Ross Poole………63 (63-0) (2) ------{9}
11T)Steve Kornmuller.64 (70-6) (0) ------{15}
11T) Dan Waxman…..64 (73-9) (0) ------{13}
11T) Tom Potter……..64 (74-10) (0)
14) Ollie Potter……...66 (74-10) (0)
15) Juddy Hayes……69 (79-10) (0)

Playing with Steve Cardwell I could tell he'd be very competitive this event as his upshots were just spot on and he played true to his game including outdriving on hole 3 myself and the returning still from shoulder injury Paul McCullough(who is also playing ball golf--GASP!). Cardwell even nailed a nice downhill 25 foot putt for his only birdie on the tough hole 13 to take the box with McCullough who also birdied.
The three Five-somes moved pretty quickly through the Essex Hills and amid finally getting to greet and share tales of our rounds with the Croydon crowd when we finished it turned out a 3 way tie for the last paying spot in 3rd were Stoddy, Sam Stevens and Jamie Mceye. Playoffs at the Handicap are playing on holes 1 and 2 repeated until a winner has been declared. Alas Mceye had to leave so Stevens and Stoddart began an epic battle trading birdies and pars until somehow it was determined that a CTP contest on hole 1(hole five of the Playoff) would win it.
McCullough who aced hole 10 today(w/Coop/Stoddy/Ross/Waxman and Ash) with the FLX Buzzz he grabbed for 2nd place and also led the Birdie Brigade with three for the Event.
Great to see everybody again and an Etiquette Mini was given to the Potter Brothers to help them prepare for their first BDGA tourney at the Essex Open the first week of August and to give them 'something' to play for when out together.

Next Handicap will be 2 Rounds with an overall winner and a best round winner, entry fee £3, £1 to each contest and £1 to the Ace Pool.
This will be either Saturday the 18th or the 25th of July at 10am, 10am Tee Off, then 30m or so for break/lunch then tee off for the second round.

Hope to see you all there again and please consider joining us then or at the least on August 1st and 2nd for the Essex Open.

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2015 Essex Open Entry Form and Schedule of all the Weekend's Events including KanJam, M.T.A. and Ring of Fire Saturday immediately after the second round. ... I/viewform

Ace Pools are £50, £50 & £30

***NEW RECORD for LONGEST Playoff, 4 Holes then a CTP.***

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