Results Handicap League 09/05/15

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Results Handicap League 09/05/15

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Colchester- (AP) Some of the BDGA Tour's finest players traveled from as far as Croydon and Lakenheath to take part in the first Essex Handicap League in five months. This weekend saw Handicap leagues being run at Quarry Park, Club Rounds at Croydon among others this less than one week after a BDGA Tour Event gathered 78 golfers to one venue… and it wasn't The British Open!!! It was the very well run and thrilling course lay out that is The Croydon Cyclone!!!
Disc Golf is on the rise folks, whether it's in your local paper or on BBC1 it is catching on and people are beginning to get curious and even starting to fancy having a go.
All the way from Lakenheath came Alex Torelli on the Essex Express and while he warmed up I had my back turned Alex aced number 1 with his Teebird!!! This was Alex's first Ace ever and we all congratulated Alex and told him he should have waited for the Handicap round to get one of those £50 Ace Pools.

A big surprise was a few new players to add to the mix!!!
The Potter Brothers Tom and Ollie were on hand with their mate Danny to play with the big boys and another new player in Mike Tatt came to share in the adventures the Essex course can bring. We mixed them all up and they got to play with all levels of players and we tried to give them tips on Disc Golf etiquette in case they start to Tour.

As the players began to show up the Limited Edition Ledgestone started flying out of the boxes as players felt the differences between their plastic and the new Ti FLX Plastic and the "CT" Crazy Tuff Challengers. We still have these fundraiser available to try and get a speed gun to try and add another fun game to the Essex Open's Saturday evening activities. Please see the Essex Disc Golf Facebook page for more info on how to order.

Weather: 16, overcast skies, winds at 20-25mph to start then surprisingly fading towards the last 3-4 holes.

Place) Name…Handicap Score (Real-Handicap) (Birdies) Prize {Bag Tag Number}

1) Ross Poole……54 (55-1) (6)  Ti Force ---{THRowBot 1}
2T) Paul Stoddart 60 (63-3) (2) Won Playoff on Hole 1 {2} Croydon CLUB T-Shirt ---{4}
2T) Paul Cooper...60 (62-2) (2)  Lost Playoff on Hole 1 {3} ---{5}
4t) Jamie Mceye..61 (64-3) (1)
4t) Alex Torelli….61 (79-18) (0)
6) Dan Waxman…62 (71-9) (1) ---{8}
7t) Paul McCullough 63 (67-4) (0)
7t) Tom Potter………63 (73-10) (1)
9) Steve Kornmuller..64 (70-6) (0) ---{9}
10) Neal Cliften……..68 (73-5) (0) ---{13}
11) Ollie Potter……...69 (79-10) (0)

Recreation/Beginners… awesome to meet these guys and get them into the Handicap
12) Mike Tatt………..83 (107-24) (0)
13) Danny Maynard..87 (111-24) (0)

Ace Pools are £50, £50 & £15

So somebody forgot to tell Ross Poole that it was windy and challenging day as he channeled the UK's own DG Hall of Famer Del "The Wind" Robins to the tune of a absolute crushing -5 with only one bogey!!! Poole blew away the rest of the field but the next few places were tight and a playoff for 2nd place was to be had between Cooper(62-2) and Stoddart(63-3) but alas the Playoff lasted one hole when Stoddart pinned it for birdie and Cooper's effort fell short to tie.
A few of the Rookies did well with Alex "Ace Man" Torelli finishing in a tie for 4th with long time Essex Nugger Jamie Mceye reappearing after having moved away for some time. Tom potter came close as did his Brother Ollie and everybody down the table know what we need to do to improve.

A CTP for a Legacy Gravity Ghost was then put on and I'll be danged if I can't remember who won as I was trying to do more catching up with so many new and dear friends that I hadn't seen in too long of a time.

It was really great to see everybody again and I was pretty pleased with my effort except after I walked up number 14's hill… sheesh.

We might be trekking to Lakenheath next Handicap so stay tuned.

Thank you Essex.
Thank you BDGA!!!

"By far, the most important part of any shot is what is happening in the last split second as the disc is pulling itself from your grip. Focus there. It's the key."

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

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