***ROADTRIP!!!*** Results Handicap League 07/02/15

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***ROADTRIP!!!*** Results Handicap League 07/02/15

Post by Mr.Scary » Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:14 am

(AP)- Lakenheath UK/ Five of Essex's finest took the trip to Lakenheath DGC which celebrated one year in the ground on Saturday. The day started out quite damp with the lightest of drizzles as I drove down from the North and it was slightly heavier for those enduring the delays on the A12 coming up from Colchester to the best FC Town in the Championship before heading West on the A14. The drizzle started to thin out as the five weary travlers made their way to get passes to come on to RAF Lakenheath, the promise of lunches with cheesesteak hogies and cheesy bacon fries wafting up to their noses from their appitites.
The ground was frozen but the winds very calm as four Lakenheath DG'ers showed up as well for their own Bag Tag battles. The back 9 pin flags were set up by one of our new mates Seth and a tweaking to holes 10 and 11 by Chris Malatesta were met with warm approval making them much tougher than the previous 80 foot and 110 foot pitch and putt shots. The front 9's distance is 2292', Back 9 TBD. Those new holes along with Holes 4 and 5 will give the Lakenheath Club much needed practice for tricky wooded holes at Quarry Park and Croydon's Squeeky Bum Causeway among others on the fine and rather exciting I must say BDGA Tour this year.
The BDGA Tour has many new venues this coming year and what a thrill it will be for those who tour regulary, almost like a Family trying to play every event possible for those precious POWER Stats calculated in a very timely manner by our Fearless Leader Bruce. New Tour stops include Bedworth near Quarry Park, Loch Tay at Highland Lodges, Mendips and Preston-Myerscough.
Um... Wow, the BDGA Tour is very very interesting this year and with all the new courses Tour regulars Paul Stoddart and Ross Poole were eager to sample any new course including the short but very challenging Lakenheath course designed by Matt Cutler, Loren Dietz and Chris Malatesta.
Essex was treated to a free Handicap event for driving the one plus hour from their homes. The Essex Ace Pool however was off the books with all those short holes but any disc in the boot was up for grabs for every Ace. Paul Stoddart began the day with a bang, literally!!! He hit the yellow band on number 1 basket with his first drive of the day!
The nine players had been divided into two groups with two players from Lakenheath on each card as guides while they did Lakenheath Bag Tag Battles.

First Round 9:10am start
Weather: 2, overcast, winds calm.
Par is 54

Paul Stoddart……48 (51-3) (5)
Dave Allaker……50 (57-7) (5)
Dan Waxman…….51 (60-9) (4)
Steve Kornmuller 53 (59-6) (2)
Juddy Hayes…….55 (65-10) (3)
Ross Poole……….57 (58-1) (3)

These rounds took much longer than I anticipated and with it being almost half eleven we decided to break for lunch at Charlie's so all 9 golfers made their way to lunch and to exchange stories of their favourite holes during that first round. One of the best stories was when Paul Stoddard threaded not one but three or four needles on the new Hole 11 around 260' to pin it through heavy traffic for the bird and Stoddy is loving the hyzer flip possibilities of the 2014 Discraft Ace Race disc now christened the "Heat".
Everybody left the BX with a savoury memory and full bellies ready to take on the new course again. Two Lakenheath players were called away so the group decided to play as a 7-some typical Essex style that shows no bounds to the comradery of these folks, in essence it speaks of the whole of the BDGA. The players in all the United Kingdom love the game and it only took me a short time after arriving here to realise the 'why' that they do not collect certain discs etc like back in the Colonies. They just love to play and know that discs were made to be thrown, not hung up on walls or as some kind of an expression that states "I have more than you" or the like. They truly play for the love of the game.

So off to the 2nd round and the final results shall we?

Round 2 1:20pm start
Weather: 5, still overcast, winds calm to a breeze every now and then that made you consider it etc...
Par is 54

Paul Stoddart……54 (57-3) (1)
Dave Allaker……47 (54-7) (3)
Dan Waxman…….48 (57-9) (4)
Steve Kornmuller 53 (59-6) (1)
Juddy Hayes…….56 (66-10) (0)
Ross Poole……….DNF

The tempature had risen, not too much but to around 5 and it showed on everybody tee shots. Many players were slipping now off the tee and it was costing everybody throws except one individual who went from a standstill throw encompassing one step and one step only for all shots except putts. Dave Allaker had the hot round by doing this and by also shaking off the rust of having not played for a bit.
Did this strategy help Mr.Allaker out? Well let's tally up the scores and birdies etc…

Final Standings to see who will be Essex Bag Tag THRowBOT Number 1

Dave Allaker……50..47 ---97 (5+3= 8**) Ti Buzzz
Dan Waxman…..51..48 ---99 (4+4= 8**)
Paul Stoddart….48..54 ---102 (5+1= 6)
Steve Kornmuller53..53 ---106 (2+1= 3)
Juddy Hayes……55..56 ---111 (3+0= 3)
Ross Poole………57..DNF ---DNF (3+3= 6)

No Aces
Stoddart hit metal on Hole 1

Allaker's persistence paid off in a big way and held off Stoddart and Waxman's bids with very steady play and fine photography. Congratulations Dave!!!
Thanks to all who came out including the Lakenheath Faithful!!!
also really nice to see Juddy out again, this is why I always keep everybody's handicap who has ever played with us. It's always nice to see Family. :D

Next Essex Handicap will happen once I get my car sorted and/or finally have it out in court with the used car dealer I got it from… grrrrr... :evil:

Legacy came in and they feel beautiful and look even better!!! They flew out of the box as well as nine left the box before the first round even started!!! Great stuff including the new Outlaw which flies like perfectly beat in *D...

Here's some of those Allaker action pics!!!
Check out the Waxman birdie putt sequence on hole 13!

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =1&theater

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