Results Handicap League 06/12/14

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Results Handicap League 06/12/14

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Colchester- (AP) This Autumn day was bright, so bright it actually tempted the senses to take layer after layer off despite the temperature reading just 3 and then 4 outside… and then the lightest of breezes would touch you on the shoulder and you'd immediately put back on a layer or two until you finally were back where you started! :D
The winds were calm though and with the day looking fantastic it seemed scores would be low on this calm bright day.

Weather: 4, bright, winds very, very calm.

Steve Kornmuller 59 (66-7) (1) Gateway Evo Apache (like a Teebird but much better glide)
Dan Eagle………..60 (62-2) (2)
Paul Stoddart…...60 (63-3) (2)
Paul McClutchin…61 (64-3) (0)
Paul Cooper……..64 (65-1) (2)
Justin St.Dennis .69 (75-6) (0)

This was a funky round, I think we too busy enjoying catching up with each other before the Christmas Holiday to really bare down and try to beat the hell out of each other. Justin St.Dennis came all the way from Cambridge after a nice holiday back home in the US playing on the two courses his brother works/owns and Ross Poole joined us on Hole 7 after helping a mate move house earlier that morning so that helped everyone's chances quite a bit.
It also seemed if something bad could happen to the players with low handicaps then it did… over and over again, Eagle the proud new Poppa for the second time was understandably rusty("hey, just because…") and yet he still managed to seemingly be in a playoff while adding up the final scores. Paul Stoddart also seemed to have everything go wrong that could including a double on hole 12 and another double on hole 14 Over The Road. Cooper's upshot on the Par 4 9th flipped over and went OB causing a double there and bogeys on three straight holes early proved too much of a deficit to climb out of for Essex's version of a Disc Golf Praying Mantis.
St.Dennis after playing the heavily wooded courses back home seemed to not be able to air his drives out and he also had bad luck with trees.
So who does that leave? The guy with the highest handicap(not anymore!!!) of the group in Kornmuller who won by 1 throw. He didn't do anything spectacular after birdieing hole 1 it just seemed that the putting work he did paid off a little bit as he was actually making 15 foot putts consistently. (GASP!!!)
That's right, Kornmuller was actually making routine putts that any IntAm would and it paid off, he even made some good bids from 40 feet as well… but alas on hole 17 he forgot to line up his 8 foot birdie putt allah Nate Doss and pulled it right again just like the previous week at the Croydon Doubles Comp.
Nobody impressed on hole 18 so Kornmuller surprised by winning by one throw over Eagle and Stoddart. He didn't do anything special, he just got luckier than his counterparts… and he finally made 90% of his 'routine' putts.

Thanks to everyone who came out and it was great to see Justin out again flinging his new plastic from Hawk's Nest Disc Golf.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Years Essex!!!!

Ace Pools are £50, £50 & £4


As a side note the Pros in the US are starting to putt rigorously during these next three months so I adapted one of their many drills and maybe it helped me this past week after failing so miserably last week at Croydon and letting down my partner Hippy Dan. :(
It's very humbling tactic though… especially for me.

Your aim is to mark off a distance and make 18 straight putts from that distance so you feel as though you can birdie every hole that round from that distance and in etc.
You guys will be much better at this than I of course since my max has been a mere 4 steps away. 4 steps!!!
But I'm hoping to improve and so can you. Sure it takes a ton of putting to get to this or any goal but that's what we're about aren't we?


Happy Christmas BDGA to You and Yours.
"By far, the most important part of any shot is what is happening in the last split second as the disc is pulling itself from your grip. Focus there. It's the key."

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

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