Results Handicap League 08/11/14

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Results Handicap League 08/11/14

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Colchester (AP)- Saturday started as a lovely day even with the early Autumn winds but by the time lunch was finished the clouds had prepared for battle and the winds took up their cause to try and remain the dominant force to rule the day. Jumpers were seen on all golfers except Paul "McClutchin" who chose to engage Mother Nature on his own terms. Despite the overcast day and blustery winds two golfers even came out in shorts! (and neither one of them was Dan Waxman- Gasp!!!)
The CTP contest however would only be contested by a mere five golfers. Five!!!
The 1 of 250 Glow Halloween Pumpkinhead Buzzz would be won in a matter of a few seconds instead of minutes.
After notifying the Sports Centre that we would be gathering for a round(so they could notify security that we would be wondering about) we tee'd off with our new friend and enthusiastic disc golf from down Chelmsford way Emily who with her husband Harry had played a casual round earlier. Harry had to go get some things for their business so he missed the Handicap Round but we look forward to playing with both of them again the next time they come up!!!

Weather: 11, overcast, very windy, 15mph with gusts to 30mph

Kevin Pearce…….57 (67-10) (0) Gateway Evo Element
Paul McClutchin…60 (63-3) (2)
Paul Stoddart…...62 (65-3) (1)
Ross Poole………..63 (62+1) (3)
Steve Kornmuller 64 (71-7) (0)

Steve Kornmuller took himself out of the running by bogeying or double bogeying five of the first six holes but Kevin Pearce was a steady presence all round en route to his well deserved victory. The two Pauls and Ross stayed on his heals the whole way and gave him all the pressure Kevin could handle. Emily played the first 9 holes with us until she had to depart and it was as ever really fun having a new player join us at Essex. Many returns to you and Harry!
The day as mentioned was windy but it seemed to affect only putts and some random upshots until we got to hole 14 "Over the Road" where McCullough flipped his drive as did Stoddart. Besides those two drives we all did very well dealing with the swirling winds and we were really pleased with that part of our game. Emily and Harry sport some mean forehand drives and approaches and once they dial those in they will be a threat in the Int Ams. Emily even parred the Par 4 7th in those winds, well done Emily!!!

The CTP Contest was won by Kornmuller and another one of his trusty Gateway Evo Scouts… it's amazing how consistent the molds are as I had lost my 1st run at the Essex Open and my backups are just spot on. I drove first so I could enjoy being in the lead for a few short moments but didn't flip the Scout enough and ended up 18 feet out pin high to the left past the tree trunk. Stoddart hit trees early and Kevin did as well to be about 35 feet out. Ross's Ace Run surprisingly missed all the tree limbs and leaves etc and left him about 35 feet deep and to the right…

Holy Crap!
Job Done.
I won.

But it's like Ross said, "you gotta make the putts Steve."
Indeed, indeed I do.

Still though… sometimes that one shot makes your day and makes you keep wanting to come back. Mine just happened after the round. :D ... =1&theater

Ace Pools are £50 & £48

"By far, the most important part of any shot is what is happening in the last split second as the disc is pulling itself from your grip. Focus there. It's the key."

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