Results Handicap League 16/08/14

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Results Handicap League 16/08/14

Post by Mr.Scary » Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:21 pm

After a glorious National Tour Event of epic levels those people who run the Essex Open came back two weeks later for some time to reflect upon what can be improved and to try and fiddle with this and that. Seven players gathered to play and like any tight group we decided to make it a seven-some!!! It took a while but well worth it to catch up with each other and have one big bag tag battle.

Weather: 25 all day and by that i mean 25 degrees and 25 mph winds… with gusts to 30mph… all day...
par is 60

after one round

ross poole………..55 (56-1) (5) Gateway Etiquette Mini/he requested it instead of a disc! they are pretty cool.
clive phillips……56 (63-7) (2)
dave allaker……57 (64-7) (2)
paul stoddart…61 (64-3) (0)
paul cooper …..63 (65-2) (0)
steve kornmuller 64 (71-7) (1)
steve cardwell….67 (78-11) (0)

poole's steady hand won him first place but he has lost his go to putter and it showed as the evo wizard he won a while back was in full use but still quite stable after playing with his trusty faded white putter from the 2006 british open held at essex… guess that means the wizard will take some breaking in!
clive phillips played steady as well to garner 2nd place while dave allayer made another special guest appearance and thrilled the group with back to back birdies on 16 and 17!!! dave absolutely pinned 17 with a pro destroyer but couldn't pull off the hat trick when he couldn't birdie 18.
earlier all seven of us set the bar extremely high for the other clubs when we all were dry throwing two on essex's famous water hole number 5.

there is saying 'you'll never walk alone'

well at essex 'you'll never throw from the drop zone.'


Ace Pools are £50 and £43

next handicap will be um september 20th or so.
i'm trying to set up a meet up with my american friends at lakenheath on saturday the 27th.

we'll see.

"By far, the most important part of any shot is what is happening in the last split second as the disc is pulling itself from your grip. Focus there. It's the key."

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

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