Results Handicap League 12/07/14

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Results Handicap League 12/07/14

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Colchester, Essex- This Saturday morning began with the slightest of drizzle but after one last practice round for the departing Haskell Crow layers came off after we both enjoyed a pizza and a pint at the University of Essex student pub while watching England's Cricket test match vs. India. The pizza was good, the pints excellent and the cricket magnificent! Wandering back up to tee one we noticed a change in the weather for the good and layers came off when we reached the car to proper summer attire.
Slowly the Essex Club showed up with newly adopted Essex soul mate Neal Cliften. Bag Tags were handed out and since there were only seven of us we played as one group so the bag tag battles could be played out for all to witness.
With Graduation coming up this week the huge tents were in number three's fairway and it became a Par 3 from the other side of the tents so Par for the course was reduced to 59.

Weather: 20-21 under the clouds, 24 when the sun peaked out. Winds, very, very clam.

1) Steve Cardwell……………………55(66-11) (0) 2014 Essex Open Nuke
2) Ross "GPS" Poole…………….………56(57-1) (7) ***NEW RECORD for Birdies***
3) Paul Stoddart…………………………57(60-3) (1)
4) Neal Cliften……………………...…58(61-3) (2)
5) Haskell Crow….……………....…60(74-14) (0)
7t Paul "McClutchin" McCullough…61(64-3) (1)
7t Steve Kornmuller………………….61(68-7) (0)

So Poole sets a new record for Birdies with seven and defeats Paul Soddart for the number 1 bag tag, Kornmuller hung with McCullough for the front nine until double bogies on 3 of 6 holes doomed his quest for one of those red bag tags numbered 1 thru 5. It would seem that Kornmuller and Crow wasted their good efforts on their morning practice round as neither could put together any birdies and both quickly faded from handicap contention. Neal Cliften making the trek once again was steady and always in the hunt but fell short to all of Poole's birdies even though Poole's card included two double bogies.
Essex bid farewell to Haskell and gave him a Bag Tag and our former counterpart in South Korea Conor will have one sent to him as well this week when I pick up an SI for a friend down in Croydon.
The excitement is brewing as we are only three weeks away from the events filled Essex Open which includes three rounds of golf and on Saturday after we finish we play MTA with Finals for prizes AND play KanJam, 16 teams I think with 'play-ins' if more sign up for even more prizes.
I'm fiddling with the idea of maybe a DDC(Double Disc Court) exhibition to possibly add for the following year. I may have to contact Del's mate Dave to see if he has a set or get Del or Charlie to bring one down. Charlie, Nige or Chris OB might be persuaded as well and I'll send a post out in that regard.
Maybe next year we could just have each Club put forth one team and do a double elimination tournament that might look like four or five groups(Essex, Croydon, Quarry Park, Bristol, Reboot and the O'Briens???) Only need two players to represent a Club so this could be done quite easily.

Next Handicap in two weeks, 26 July I'm tempted to play two rounds for score and maybe practicing MTA for the EO the next weekend.

Ace Pools are £50 & £25.

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