Results Handicap League 14/06/14

Disc Golf in the county of Essex
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Results Handicap League 14/06/14

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Colchester, Essex-
Nine daring lads came out hoping for a continuation of the week's glorious weather and were rewarded as the rains had stopped during the Essex Express's morning warm up round. While still cloudy with later bursts of sunshine occurring more and more often towards the end of the round the winds were clam enough to welcome anybody ready to score well and errant shots were few and far between.
The Essex Express only had one member returning in Adam "Adam Bomber" McJunkin with Haskell Crow's work schedule changing one last time before his departure next month from the UK keeping him from attending. Adam did not disappoint again as even in the wet conditions he birdied the long par 8th again this time slacking off and making his birdie putt into a slight wind from the tee side of the basket. Your hero though missed my birdie putt on 14 'Over The Road' from about 15 feet and unfortunately that was the shape of things to come all day during those three somewhat frustrating but glorious three rounds(three rounds in one day this month and two in one day last month? Am I finally getting 'better' after 8+ years of this kidney disease?).
Neal Cliften made the journey again to play and was welcomed once again as one of our favourite counterparts, thanks to Neal for making it out!!!

So let's go to the scores and see who faired well in the mild conditions and who just flat out messed up! (Myself only that it.)

Weather: 15 under the clouds, 17 when the sun peaked out. Winds, very clam with the rare occasional gusts to 10-15mph.
Par is 60

1) Ross "GPS" Poole…………….………57(58-1) (4) Gateway Evo Wizard
2) Adam "Adam Bomber" McJunkin.59(63-4) (0) Gateway Mini Stash Set
3T Paul Stoddart…………………………60(63-3) (3)
3T Dan Waxman……………………..….60(69-9) (2)
3T Neal Cliften……………………......60(65-5) (5) <---- most birdies
3T Dan "Dare" Eagle……………....…60(62-2) (1)
7) Steve Kornmuller……………………..64(71-7) (1)
8) Paul "McClutchin" McCullough….67(70-3) (0)
9) Clive Phillips…...…..DNF (2)

So was the story Ross Poole's steady victory or was it Neal Cliften's charge after starting out so poorly? Cliften was +6 after only 5 holes but he rattled off 4 birdies against one bogey the remaining 13 holes starting with a 35 footer for birdie on hole 6 and finishing with a crushing power hyzer needed to within 15 feet on hole 18 since it hadn't been mown in what looked like three weeks or so. Steady and never losing composure Cliften not only seized the remaining holes of his round he throughly enjoyed himself and the group enjoyed his company in doing so. Guy is just a pleasure to play, chat and watch. It reminded me of the few times a year ago that Paul McCullough would start out poorly and then take what was given to him to size up a very nice ending score, etc. Well done Neal and thanks ever so much for once again making the journey and creating your own "Essex Express" for the Croydonites.
Poole's round cannot be forgotten however and Ross was steady all the way through, his putting, upshots and driving weren't spectacular but he got the job done and by a decently comfortable margin for the victory.
Clive Phillips was called away to personal business after birding Hole 10 and we all look forward to playing with him again soon.

The next two Saturday Handicap dates have been set:

12 July 2pm (day before the SEMDGS Series Event at Basingstoke)
26 July 2pm (Saturday before the Essex Open)

Thanks to all for coming!!!

"By far, the most important part of any shot is what is happening in the last split second as the disc is pulling itself from your grip. Focus there. It's the key."

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

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