Results Handicap League 10/05/14

Disc Golf in the county of Essex
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Results Handicap League 10/05/14

Post by Mr.Scary » Sun May 11, 2014 8:14 am

A record tying 15 players for the third time in the event's short history eventually showed up at Colchester Disc Golf Playground we call the University of Essex even with the foreboding weather forecast. The winds were treacherous and the rains a proper soaking but everyone went home happy at this reunion three months in the making due to a stay at hospital and pending holidays away. We even had three groups of road trippers coming from as far as Croydon(thx for coming fellas!), Royston where former residents Nick Clark and his lovely Wife Andi reside now and yours truly trying to start an "Essex Express" from the newly planted DG Course at RAF Lakenheath up in Suffolk. The Essex Express included two Americans including 'chinaman' Adam McJunkin and Haskell Crow who were getting their first taste of the long Essex Course.
Also coming out of the cobwebs were Chris and Sophie after the latter's second career British Open Victory the previous week at the well oiled tournament and thoroughly satisfyingly challenging course at our cousin's place down in Croydon's Lloyd Park.
The Essex Faithful came out in droves as well heaping to celebrate the Essex Handicap's sort of relaunching after the much much too long sabbatical for yours truly.
So enough blathering on let's get to the scores and let's see who could play through the elements to defeat the other 14 fine contestants in the field shall we?

Par is 60, Hole 13 is established now as a Par 3 so Essex consists of six Par 4's with five of those on the Front 9.
Weather: 15 but felt colder especially in the pouring rains which occurred for approximately three holes during everyone's round. Winds 15mph with almost constant gusts to 25mph and a few times my flex-fit hat was even blown off my head!!!

Name Adjusted Score (Raw Score minus Handicap) (Birdies)

1) Dan Waxman..........58(67-9) (1) ... 2013 Essex Open FlyDye Force !!!
2) Steve Cardwell...…..60(71-11) (0) … "Seasoned" Star Valkyrie (I was trying to use it to RH BH the old route on hole 5)
3T Steve Kornmuller....61(68-7) (2) ... Gateway Evo Scout -Won Playoff on Hole 1 (3)
3T Haskell Crow……...…61(79-18) (0) … Lost Playoff on Hole 1 (4)
5) Clive Phillips………....63(70-7) (1)
6T Paul Cooper...........64(65-1) (1)
6T Neal Cliften...……....64(68-4) (1)
8T Dan Ryan……..........65(61+4) (4)
8T Nick Clark………...…65(71-6) (0)
10T Paul McClutchin.....66(69-3) (0)
10T Chris Rowland...….66(74-8) (1)
10T Paul Stoddart………66(68-2) (0)
13T Ross Poole…...…..67(67+0) (3)
13T Adam "Atom Bomber" McJunkin.67(70-3) (1)
15 Sophie Southgate….69(76-7) (0)

First let's get to the Essex Express first round tour of the course to give you an idea of how much the winds were howling during that late morning's round. "Howling" you ask, yes howling, at times when taking questions from Haskell and Adam I couldn't hear them standing next to me even if I leaned in to try and catch their comment. The funny part was when anybody complained later at the conclusion of the handicap round several different people told them to go play Mull-lol.
Teeing off on "Over The Road" which is down the hill then to the top of the hill facing you Adam who as mentioned before is a lefty actually turned his Titanuim Nuke into a roller before the road(he has lost his Ti Force on hole 9 in the pond at the new Lakenheath course designed by Catch The Spirit's Matt Cutler and the driving force behind getting the course finally put in to the relief of Fernando Brown and Rick Hoffa by a guy named Loren Dietz(my new best friend!!). You can imagine my gratitude towards Loren and everyone involved. :D
Ahem, then Haskell's RH BH drive actually acted like thumber going thru the air like a May Day Spitfire's Victory Roll over the English countryside down about 3/4 to the bottom before the road!!! His disc? A 150's Blizzard Boss… my drive into that constant 30mph headwind was a Gateway Evo Spirit that did exactly as I told the newest members of the Essex Crew and landed just short of the green road salt bin before the road, nice and flat surface for my upshot. :wink: Yes, I was proud of my Par.
Before this happened though the kid Adam earned his new nickname by crushing two drives into these winds averaging 25-30mph on the long Par 4 8th going across the field to the Dead Oak and after slamming the birdie putt with the winds BEHIND him since he out drove the basket I knew the kid had a left arm that could absolutely bomb! I wanted to put him with Poole and Cooper and unknowing that Neal and Dan were coming from Croydon but when getting groupings sorted I could only get him in with Cooper who isn't too shabby at crushing plastic but on the way home after the handicap round I forgot to ask the lad how he faired distance wise against Cooper. Dang it.
Afterwards we went to the Sports Bar Pub and had lunch with pints but the pub was slammed and Adam graciously gave me a slice of his pizza after he waited a solid 20 minutes for it and i hadn't a chance to order yet. I hurried back up the hill to take entries, etc and before we knew it and after introductions it was time to get serious and start handicap play. The guys had fun and hopefully will return soon.

Okay, enough of this as I do digress.

The rains hit my group while lining up putts on hole 5 and continued until we finished the long Par 4 to the Dead Oak on hole 8 all the while into those fierce winds. Poole started out poorly and his putting was not 'on' and the rest of us struggled. Paul "McClutching" McCullough and our recently moved house Dr.Nick Clark… hmm… maybe "The Evil Professor Nick Clark…??? Awww I'll work on it.
We didn't really push each other and I was frustrated for a few holes but then realised since I had that emergency op back in February I had taken it easy so long because of my age that I hadn't done the 'work' needed to get my game back up to it's level if I have such a thing. I made no putts outside of 12 feet and actually missed a few non wind aided ones inside of 12 feet… grrr… the only way to improve on this is to practice and it will pay out like my idol down there in Croydon Neal Cliften. I hear his stories and the guy is getting good, too good!!! :P

A we waited for the last card to come in and the cards were sorted I had time to rest as the first card came in with Haskell's 61 being tied with mine and for a few minutes we thought we had 2nd and 3rd but the Cardwell's 60 ruined that as his card was the very last to come in because of a delay in getting car tyres from our Croydon Division which showed up a bit late and Paul Stoddart waited with Steve Cardwell to play with them and they made great time for starting 40 or so minutes behind us.
So a Playoff ensued between myself and Haskell, into the winds my Gateway Evo Illusion gave me a nice 20 footer from under the tree to the left with the winds blowing L to R. Haskell's drive hit the trees to the right short but spit out the front giving him an easy upshot to try and get par. I straddle putted to get a little more umph in the cross wind and it worked! Too well as a matter of fact as it kidney stoned thru the back and out! Dang it, let's go to Hole 2 but wait a minute, Haskell putting with the wind from 4 feet got kidney stoned as well and I had won the Playoff. Weird way to win but well, there's that.

The feel good story for Essex so far this year in my opinion is Dan Waxman's victory and doing it over such a big field of players. I've run probably 25-30 of these things over the past three years and Dan has come to probably 15 of them and had never won or placed. I don't know who was happier, myself or Dan, especially when I knew he throws Z Forces and I got that sweet one for the Handicap league last year. Such a perfect fit for the winner and a great ending for me to a fantastic day where I played with two new friends, got to see my treasured old friends including the dudes from Croydon & Royston and I actually played two rounds on a hilly course for the first time since Quarry Park last September. Really happy for Dan Waxman and he was just glistening with pride after finally receiving that Fly Dye Force when the last card made it in about 25 minutes after the rest of us had finished… can you imagine how much he was sweating waiting for great golfers like Dan Ryan, Neal Cliften, Paul Stoddart and Steve Cardwell who seems to do well at theses events. Still a really nice day and ending...

…good times, good times and I thank you all.

Hopefully I'll get the Essex Express going for another day long trip in early June and maybe when word gets out at Lakenheath we hopefully can get two carloads full??? !!!

It was really great to see everybody again but by 'only' playing in proper foursomes(Chris and Sophie had to take off early) I only got to chat with a few of my good mates. next time, next time Essex.

Dan Ryan I'll have to do more research but out of the like 10 names I have down for Croydon handicaps yours was absent so we put our heads together and tried to come up with something deemed fair before your card came in. I'll let you know before next handicap what yours is and thx again for coming.

Big HUGE Thanks again to everyone who came out and it's great to be back in the Game and the great people in this sport.

Ace Pools are £50, £50 and something else, gotta go look those up and edit this.

"By far, the most important part of any shot is what is happening in the last split second as the disc is pulling itself from your grip. Focus there. It's the key."

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

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Re: Results Handicap League 10/05/14

Post by Mr.Scary » Tue May 27, 2014 9:46 am

---Dan Ryan is rated 990 at the PDGA. that's almost 100pts ahead of me for example. Ross, Stoddy and Cooper play around 940. i believe it's 9 pts for each throw but we'll round up to 10. should Dan give me 10 throws? should he give Stoddy and Co 6??? we added 4 throws to his score last event. last year at the EO with ropes an other obstacles to try and make the course harder for the Open guys he threw a 6 down, 3 down and 5 down for -14… seems as though on a clam day he could throw a 4 down on the regular course and probably even better. Dan will stay at +4 until he wins or encounters another craptastic weather day at essex.
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--- the object at essex is to get you as close to Par as possible after handicap but with all of our inconsistances we normally have the winner at 5 down and it's usually not ross or coop, stoddy, etc. so let's roll with a 4+ for Daniel Ryan. opps, dan isn't on here... Neal Clifton please relay this to my fellow AmeriCAN Dan Ryan and we hope to see you guys and anybody else form Croydon on 14 June, 12 July and 26 july(the week before the 2014 Essex Open.).
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"By far, the most important part of any shot is what is happening in the last split second as the disc is pulling itself from your grip. Focus there. It's the key."

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

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