Membership Fees and Benefits

Full membership

  1. PDGA Amateur: £30 (new members £20 – see below)
  2. PDGA Pro: £36
  • Receive regular BDGA E-Newsletters including Tournament Invites
  • BDGA Tour Ranking
  • £5 reductions on Entry Fees for BDGA Events (players must be registered as a member prior to the event)
  • PDGA membership
  • PDGA Player Ratings
  • PDGA Rulebook (first time members or whenever there is a rules update)
  • Right to complete in PDGA EuroTour events

New membership offer!

If you are new to the BDGA, you can purchase your first year of membership for just £20! In addition to the above membership benefits, you will get:

  • £2 off your first disc purchased from Catch The Spirit
  • £2 off your first disc purchased from Del's Discs

What does the BDGA do with membership money?

Our costs

The first £12 of the full membership goes towards running the BDGA and paying for all the things we need to run the organisation and BDGA Tour. Primarily this is the annual insurance which covers all BDGA-sanctioned tournaments and approved coaching events. The money also covers our membership of:

The Professional Disc Golf Association

Approximately £12 (depending on the exchange rate!) goes to the Professional Disc Golf Association for international membership, you can find out all about what that means here:

The coolest thing about your PDGA membership is your player rating, this is like a handicap only much more accurate and you can use it to track your progress as a player and assess your tournament performances. We use it on the BDGA Tour to decide what division you should play in. You can find out more info on ratings and other frequently asked questions on the PDGA here:

Youth Development

£6 goes towards our Youth development fund. That’s just 50p a month but it allows us to provide discounted disc golf equipment for youth groups that want to teach disc golf to children, including schools, scout groups etc.

If you feel you can contribute more than this then there is an optional donation on the membership page. You can choose from:

  • Development Supporter £20/year extra
  • Champion Supporter £50/year extra

Unless you choose to be anonymous, we will add you to the roll of honour.

Associate membership

If you do not feel you are able to pay for membership yet, please sign up for free Associate Membership.

This helps us gauge the level of support for disc golf as a sport, and will keep you in touch with what we are doing, as you will receive our regular BDGA e-newsletters and tournament invites.