Handicap League 06/05/17

Disc Golf in the county of Essex
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Handicap League 06/05/17

Post by Mr.Scary » Sun May 07, 2017 7:57 am

Colchester (AP)- A wonderful day to play golf all through the UK saw 11 disc golfers make their way to the University of Essex for a challenging round of golf with friends. A -24 made his way again into the fray in the name of Danny Maynard as he put his skills up against a very good field sporting Handicaps as low as "Even" or 'no throws taken off' to a -9 and -11. Juddy Hayes began his come back after a long illness and it was absolutely brilliant to see him again after about a two year hiatus.
Paul Cooper came in on the injury report with a broken toe suffered whilst playing ping pong.
Could Danny Maynard sand bag us out of a disc?
Could Juddy make it around the hills of Essex( I mean seriously, Juddy looked worse than Kornmuller after the Round. Hang in there Juddy!!! )
Could Cooper "play past the pain"?

Weather: 15, Breezy with scant gusts to 20mph. mostly sunny.
Par is 60

Place) Name…Handicap Score (Real-Handicap) (Birdies) Prize

1) Paul Cooper.......52 (55-3) (5) 2nd Run Big Z Buzzz and toe cast
2) Danny Maynard...54 (78-24) (0) Gateway Slayer
3) Dave Allaker......55 (61-6) (3)
4) Paul McCullough.56 (60-4) (2)
5t) Tom Potter.......58 (68-10) (0)
5t) Steve Cardwell…58 (69-11) (1)
7) Steve Kornmuller..59 (62-3) (1)
8t) Ross Poole........60 (60-0) (4)
8t) Dan Eagle.........60 (67-7) (2)
10) Juddy Hayes.....70 (81-11) (0)
11) Dan Waxman.....DNF

Paul played brilliantly on that broken toe, he couldn't follow through on long drives over almost any turnover shots. Did the broken toe make Cooper concentrate on his form all the more resulting in probably his best ever Handicap League Round and only two throws off his personal best? It may have. I can remember a Pro telling me that sometimes he would change putters every six months just because he knew it would make him concentrate more on the 'new' putter's flight characteristics and make him concentrate even more on his putting taking himself to another level. For example he would change from a Challenger type putter to a Rhyno type mold.
Danny Maynard also put together a nice round on a day when 7 of 11 players bested their handicaps.
It was great to see everybody again and Spring and Disc Golf are in abundance!!!
What are you waiting for...???

Get out and Play!
Get your field work in!!
Get your putting SORTED!!!

New Handicaps:

Poole -1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Theis -1 --------------------
Cooper -2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
McCullough -3 -------------
Declan Barsby -3 ----------
Tomacz Nowak -4 --------
Kornmuller -3 -------------------------------------

Eagle -8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Phillips -8
Waxman -10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tom Potter -12 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Lau -11 ------------------------------------
Marek Nowak -12-----------
Grant Barsby -12 -----------
Shawn Cavender -12
Ben Cheyne -13 --------------------------
Jonathan Spencely -10 ------------------------------------------
Danny Maynard -18 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Harry Wilsdon -20 -------------------------

Ace Pools:

£50, £50, £50 & £36

Possible BDGA 1-Day-er 8 July (Saturday)
Possible BDGA 2 Day Event 8-9 July... just waiting to hear back from Uni Staff about either of these dates.
--- also will try to arrange lunches through Uni if possible at red bus by lake. then Stoddart can play with us. :D

stay tuned

"By far, the most important part of any shot is what is happening in the last split second as the disc is pulling itself from your grip. Focus there. It's the key."

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

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