About Disc Golf

Just like traditional golf, the object of the game is to complete each hole in as few shots as possible. With disc golf you throw a flying disc or Frisbee® rather than hit a ball, and to complete a hole you have to land the disc in an elevated metal basket. Wherever your disc lands, that's where you make your next throw or 'play your next shot'.

Like ball golf, we use a lot of the same terminology as traditional golf. There is a teeing area where you make your first throw or 'drive'; then you make an 'approach shot' to the basket; and hopefully you are close enough to make your 'putt' for a par.

Who Plays Disc Golf?

Disc Golf can be enjoyed from school age to old age, making it an excellent lifetime sport. It's easy to play at a basic level, so you can enjoy it from day one. It's easy on the pocket too, so you can still play if you have a tight budget.

There are thousands of disc golf courses around the world - it truly is an international sport!

Golf discs are quite different to your usual throw and catch recreational Frisbee®. They are small, but relatively heavy, and have a slim aerodynamic profile.
A professional disc golfer will carry maybe 12 to 15 golf discs including a range of 'drivers', 'approaches', and 'putters'. Some discs are designed to turn right, some turn left, and some even fly straight!

Beginners should start with just an 'approach' disc or 'putter' which flies straight.

Tips For New Players

  1. Have fun!
    Relax and have a good time while you play. Learning is much more enjoyable when you play with a smile.
  2. Use a 'golf disc'
    Play with discs designed for disc golf, but don't use more than one or two discs to begin with.
  3. Learn with a friend
    Bring a friend along the first time you play.
  4. Ask for help and advice
    Disc golfers are happy to help new players, and will offer you no end of tips if you ask them.
  5. 5. Get the basics right
    Don't try to throw like a pro straight away - everybody starts out as a beginner! Develop a technique that works for you, learn how the discs fly, and go from there.