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BDGA Tour #4 - The Essex 2011 Open

I (Paul Stoddart) have been asked to write this report on the 4th British Tour event as I saw it, so excuse the bias and content but its my home tourney and I'm a chef not Hunter S Thompson.

After winning 2010's TD of the year Dave Allaker had set himself a high standard to follow and possibly beat. What better way to do this than offer a player pack consisting of a special stamped Gateway Wizard and mini (thanks for this goes to Steve Kornmuller), replicating last years amazing basket trophies plus a new replication Disc Golf Recovery Vehicle trophy (thanks for this goes to Paul Cooper), amazing lunches each day (thanks for this goes to Chris Rowland ((and Dave's mum)), spot prizes on both Saturday & Sunday, a ring of fire and finally the course itself (thanks to Uni grounds staff). Prizes this year totaled a whopping 30 so after receiving a player pack well over half the field won a prize too.


BDGA Tour Event #3 - Burnlaw Snowbow

The 3rd tour event of the year saw a field of over 30 golfers descend on the idyllic North Pennines farm of Burnlaw.
 Stunning unseasonable weather met the golfers as they arrived through Friday and early Saturday morning and the beautiful sunshine and benign conditions lasted all weekend.

The Open division included the majority of the top British Golfers guaranteeing an exciting outcome and with the win only being confirmed on the last putt no one was left disappointed!


Croydon drives big, but can’t get gold

BDGA tour event number took, saw the disc golfers of England, joined by a few Yanks, descend upon the Quarry Park for the Spring Fling. CDGC were again well represented at the weekend with Bruce Webber, Dan ‘LankyYankee’ Ryan join the chairman – Rich Wood in the Open division. In the Ad Am division Phil Wood was joined by Terry Tenger. In the Int Ams CDGC were represented by summer league champ Francis Wilson, Dan ’Hippy’ Hawkins and Neil Martin. Neil was making his first appearance at an event outside of Croydon.


BDGA Tour 2011

Details of the 2011 BDGA Tour can be found below:

Frostbreaker - 5th/6th Feb '11
QP Chilly Fling - 5th/6th March '11
Snowbow (Burnlaw) - 26th/27th March '11
Essex Open - 16th/17th April '11
Mull - 28th/29th May '11
QP Open - 25th/26th June '11
Whitcombe Classic - 16th/17th July '11
British Open - 20th/21st Aug '11
Croydon Cyclone - 3rd/4th Sept '11
Burnlaw Equinox - 24th/25th Sept '11

Further details will be published on the web site in the coming months, although you can find out more information on our forum.